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Wanda Realm Hotel Wuhu, 蕪湖万達広場の商業圏で、蕪湖新高速鉄道駅、自動車駅、南京禄口空港の都市のターミナルビルは近くにあります。方特四期、新華聯大白鯨海洋公園と鳩茲古鎮から車で15-20分ぐらいかかります。美しい神山公園もホテルと遠く離れています。
  • Wanda Realm Hotel Wuhuのチェックイン時間とチェックアウト時間はいつですか?

    チェックイン時間:14:00以降, チェックアウト時間:00:00-12:00。

  • Wanda Realm Hotel Wuhuにプールとフィットネスはありますか?


  • Wanda Realm Hotel Wuhu の敷地内にレストランはありますか?


  • Wanda Realm Hotel WuhuにはブロードバンドまたはWifiがありますか?


  • Wanda Realm Hotel Wuhuは前払いを受け入れますか?


  • Wanda Realm Hotel Wuhuはレジットカードでの決済を受け付けています?


  • Wanda Realm Hotel Wuhu朝食はいくらですか?

    朝食 CNY128/人。

  • Wanda Realm Hotel Wuhuの宿泊料金はいくらですか?


クチコミ 詳細
  • jason42
    Good, good, good
  • BambooRain
    Not bad, the hotel is very clean, check-in and check-out procedures are very fast, suitable for business
  • bts312
    Good environment, convenient parking lot
  • liaoweber
    Very good experience, the check-in staff Harris chapter is very professional, this hotel will be chosen next time
  • J C Lin
    The environment is good and convenient
  • jannyllu
    The price is lower than that of Jiahua, the environment is very good
  • aenaaaa
    Breakfast? Great
  • lands
    Very satisfied with the service!
    A pleasant stay experience
  • abing0314
    Every time I stay in a hotel I like very much
  • alex137
    General surrounding environment
  • amandawong
    The hotel is very beautiful, cost-effective, the lobby is very grand, bright, and the environment is very good. Opposite is Wanda Square. It's very convenient to eat, drink and play. The transportation is also convenient. It's very convenient to go to several places. The room is very big, clean, well decorated, the shower is very comfortable, and the fruit drinks are also sent in the evening. The swimming pool and fitness center are free to use, which is especially good. The room attendants were very friendly. They all took the initiative to say hello to me. They were polite, especially when they charged the room card in advance and turned on the air conditioner. It was very comfortable to enter the room. The front desk staff were very friendly, fast and efficient. They prepared invoices for me in advance. There are many kinds of breakfast. I feel very rich, and the taste is very good. A manager asked me how I felt when I checked out. I was very satisfied overall
  • baiyue6
    Every aspect was very good.
  • playdumb
    Wanda, which has never let me down, is as good as ever, but the service and internal maintenance of the hotel can't keep up with each other after the change of ownership. Come on, Fuli
  • nicepiano888888
    Very good service
  • daan_pan
    Cost effective, good service from the front desk.
  • LucasScott
    Overall, it's not bad, but it's very troublesome to swipe the overseas credit card. It's been a long time
  • leeran
    I like this hotel very much. It's clean. The front desk lady is very friendly. Even the security guard at the door is very enthusiastic. I will book this hotel every time I come. I like it in short.
  • liyan77
    The hotel is very new, the decoration design is very good, modern Chinese style artistic conception. The service was also very good. There were lots of fruits, gym equipment, and swimming pool.
  • guojin28806302
    The environment is too poor, there are no windows, airtight. I won't think about it next time
  • e04362884
    Clean and healthy, rich breakfast
  • irenelg
    You must stay in a hotel when you come to Wuhu. Five star reception service in the lobby. Late check-out till two o'clock. Really good.
  • beautysun
    Nice hotel environment
  • forgiveness_00
    Good service attitude
  • e03320547
    Frequent check-in, I like it very much. The hotel is very close to the railway station. It's very convenient to take a taxi and start at the starting price. Wanda Plaza is nearby. It's convenient to eat and watch movies. The price of the hotel is reasonable and cost-effective. This kind of room is cost-effective in Wuhu. The hotel is relatively new at first sight. The facilities and equipment are very new. The decoration style of the hall is a combination of Anhui style and Wuhu characteristics. It's done very well. The room is clean and tidy Sanitation, convenient layout, complete room facilities, like the wet and dry design of the toilet, also have bathtub, the service of the hotel is very good, from the concierge to the front desk attendant are warm, efficient, very professional, used breakfast in the hotel, breakfast is very rich, sex price ratio is high, the service of the catering attendant is very good, very professional. The restaurant is clean and tidy. There are many delicious Wuhu specialties. I like it. We'll check in next time.
  • ColaLover
    It's clean and tidy. There are all kinds of things for parents and children. I have to go next time
  • Angelacoco
    Good hotel. Manager Lin is very friendly.
  • ll_diligent
    Wanda realm is really good, The room facilities of the hotel are very good, the facilities and equipment are very new, from the lobby to the room are very clean, sanitary, the fragrance of the lobby is very like, the layout of the room is very good, there is also a dry and wet separation, there is also a bathtub, the key is that the bathtub room is very large, living very comfortable, very like Wanda's bathrobes and toiletries, the bathtub is disinfected and sanitary, the shower is very big, the bath is very comfortable, the bed of the room is also very clean It's hard and soft. The front desk service is very good, friendly, and the service is very considerate. When I check out, a girl asked me how I felt about my check-in. She took the initiative to call for a car for me. It's very good, and the surrounding facilities are very convenient, The hotel is just opposite Wanda Square. It's very convenient. It's also very close to the railway station. Our room has been upgraded. We also have Chinese food on the second floor of the hotel. The price is affordable and the food is delicious. It's really good and cheap. The restaurant attendant is also very professional and great. The price of the hotel is also very affordable! Highly recommended!
  • e01092425
    Nice nice nice
  • ayrfpir
    The room is very comfortable and sanitary.
  • wucaili
  • e01048506
    I have lived in many hotels in Wuhu, compared with Wanda hotel. I have stayed in this hotel for many times. The bed is very big, the room design is reasonable, the service is very good, the parking is convenient, especially the front desk manager Lin Zhu is enthusiastic and dedicated.
  • lilili1302
    The environment is good. Very good service
  • raymondlimw
    Good hygiene
  • csf_cycdc
    A hotel for a friend, two Spaniards. The garage is very convenient for parking, and you can check in directly after dinner in Wanda. The lobby is magnificent and grand. Room facilities are also very new, friends said super satisfied.
  • bastet1003
    A very good experience, especially the young man at the front desk. The service is very warm, patient and professional, but I forgot my name! I will choose the next time I have a chance.
  • nordance
    Excellent service
  • tulipseason
    Breakfast is not bad, the room is a little small, but the cleaning is quite up to standard
  • fantastdaniel
    The reception at the front desk is polite and friendly, the room layout is humanized, and the bath products are very good. It's very convenient to eat across the street from Wanda Square. It's 3 minutes' drive from the railway station, and the transportation is also very convenient
  • billjinjin
    The location of the hotel is good, the style of Hui Style in the lobby is very like, the little sister at the front desk is kind and friendly when checking in, asking about interesting introductions around is very careful, the room is clean and tidy, the toilet is dry and wet separated, the breakfast is rich in varieties, all of which are good in general, with high cost performance.
  • alibaba
    Very good environment, complete facilities
  • mideajing
    The hotel is very luxurious, the service is very thoughtful, the communication is very reassuring, the fruit is very considerate, the communication is very pleasant, the supplies are very clean, the most important thing is that there are big plastic bags in the bath, and I will come next time.
  • Ty high mountain flowing water
    Breakfast is OK. It's the kind of regular hotel suitable for children. It's not bad in general. Around Wanda Square, there is a parking lot??
  • e00452101
    It's very good. Come again next time you have a chance! The buffet downstairs is also very delicious. Children like everything. The things in the room are very clean and sanitary. It's wonderful
  • easy181
    It's a very good hotel with a large room and rich breakfast buffet. There's a free parking lot. The front desk has also helped upgrade it for free. Thank you very much. Many people with their baby check-in
  • lilyweili
    I think it's very good overall
  • racing_Pp
    Breakfast is rich, and the living experience is good. There is an independent cloakroom.
  • mictravel
    Stay in Wanda frequently, I think it's very good, with convenient transportation, good geographical location, reasonable price, large room area, clean and sanitary, and comfortable mattress. It's worth mentioning that the hot water comes out very quickly, the shower is very big, the bath is very comfortable, and there's also a bathtub. I like Wanda's bathrobes and toiletries very much. The guests in Haixian self-service shop have affordable prices, good taste, fresh seafood, and good cost performance for breakfast, There are many varieties, so it is recommended to stay.
  • faydeanball
    The lobby of the hotel is very spacious, bright and well decorated, The main rooms are clean and sanitary. The facilities and equipment of the hotel are relatively new. I especially like the cloakroom, which has a large area and reasonable layout. The safe in the cloakroom is a very humanized design. The bedspread and quilt covers are very clean. The shower room and bathroom are humanized. The details are very sanitary. The bathtub is clean and dust-free. I feel very comfortable. The room has complete facilities. I am very satisfied with the design. I like the big one Large floor to ceiling windows, large bathtubs, complete hotel infrastructure, good hardware, good front desk service, warm, the little sister of the front desk is kind and friendly to check in, asking about interesting introductions around is very careful, the surrounding facilities are also very convenient, there are many kinds of breakfast in the hotel, the service is very warm and intimate. The hotel is just opposite Wanda Square. It is very convenient and close to the railway station. It is suitable for business trip. Jiahua is worth recommending!
  • m00723975
    Nice hotel environment